Maintaining a sanitary workplace is crucial for every type of facility. Keeping surfaces clean and disinfected reduces the risk and spread of infectious diseases, increases employee safety, health, and morale, enhances a business’ reputation, and helps facilities comply with various industry standards and regulations.

​​What’s Included in Our Disinfection Services?​

We offer a range of disinfectant solutions, tailor-made for each client’s specific needs and concerns. From preventative maintenance to remediation, we have you covered. Our disinfection services include:​

Remediation Disinfection and Cleaning:
These services are designed to safely disinfect and restore any area(s) that may have been affected by someone suspected or confirmed to have been infected by a given contagious disease. Our remediation program is compliant with CDC regulations, using only disinfectants and techniques approved by this organization.​

Misting and Electrostatic Spray Disinfection:
We offer misting and electrostatic spray disinfection for facilities struggling to disinfect certain hard-to-reach areas and frequently touched surfaces. These techniques involve the use of manual or automatic misting or fogging devices that circulate the entire area of a given room with an environmentally safe disinfectant.​

Deep Disinfection:
Deep disinfection is perfect for when facilities are temporarily shut down and/or empty, because the methods and products employed may present a short-term health risk to those not wearing the proper PPE (personal protective equipment). Plus, an empty facility ensures that the process doesn’t undergo any interference or setbacks.​

On-Site Disinfection:
Businesses that cannot close their doors for whatever reason can benefit from having a professional disinfection technician on-site during operational hours. Customers and staff will gain peace of mind knowing that a disinfectant specialist is nearby to properly clean and disinfect touchpoints at regular intervals.​

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